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Range Market Scalping Strategy : An Automated Trading Strategy For Ranging Market

The Range Market Scalping Strategy for NinjaTrader 8 is an automated strategy designed for range-bound markets. A range-bound market is a market characterized by sideways movement. Hence, this strategy is capable of placing automated entry and profit targets, according to a trader’s preferred settings. Like most other Rize Capital products, the Range Market Scalping Strategy is a very versatile strategy that works with any instrument in any financial market.

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HA Scalping Strategy : An Automated Trading Strategy For NinjaTrader 8

This Heikin-Ashi (HA) scalping strategy is an automated trading strategy that is developed by Rize Capital. It’s main principles are:
• Using Heiken-Ashi bar color changes to determine when to enter or exit the market.
• Advanced option to exit position with ATM strategy.
• Additional advanced exit option with a Stop Loss and profit target.

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Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator

Daily Deviation Counter is a FREE for Lifetime NinjaTrader 8 custom programmed Indicator developed by UK-based Rize Capital to help both day traders and swing traders take correct decisions. It helps traders determine how far the market has deviated from its daily average and is capable of plotting the average range for a user-selected period as well as plotting today’s live or real-time market range, amongst other uses.

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Daily Change – FREE Indicator: Everything you should know

Technical analysis is a broad concept that includes the use of various trading indicators which are tools designed to help traders have an in-depth understanding of market signals, trends or patterns. Because of their immense popularity, many forms of trading indicators – including the Daily Change FREE Indicator by Rize Capital have emerged over the years.

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