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Membership : Frequently Asked Questions:

No you don’t pay anything and it’s free for life time. If you upgrade your free account, then you pay as per the upgraded account, not for the Free Account membership.

Yes, with “Free Account” membership, you can download and use all Free Products in our website. You may need to provide further info to activate your licence though.

Yes, updates are available to you for all free products.

You get to use all Free and Premium indicators published in our website with “ALL INDICATORS BUNDLE” membership.

You get to use all Free and Premium indicators and all the strategies published in our website with “PROFESSIONAL TRADER” membership.

Yes, updates are available to you for all products for free.

Yes. For all individual premium products, you need to subscribe. When you subscribe, you don’t pay anything. After 30 days’ free trial period, you start paying. Therefore, if you don’t want to use our products beyond free trial period, please cancel your subscription. Otherwise you may still be charged. Please note, paid memberships’ fees may be different. Please reivew the memeberships’ details at memberships.

If you are registered for one of our paid membership, you can login and cancel your membership or downgrade to Free membership. That will stop your subscription payment.

If you have cancelled your paid membership before the billing cycle and still got charged (very unlikely), but please contact us through our support portal by clicking here.

If you have forgotten your login password for your account, you reset it from login page by clicking here.

You need to login into your account using existing email address and password, then you can change your email address or password, as required.

No, your subscription to our individual products apart from membership is processed through PayPal and it doesn’t create any account on our website or support portal. If you want to register for membership account, you need to register separately from membership registration page by clicking here.

No. To log in into your membership account, you need use the email address you used to register for the respective membership.

Yes, if you need to use them in multiple computers, then you need to have separate subscriptions for each pc/machine id you want the licences to be activated for. For e.g., to use same strategy in 2 different pc/laptop, you need to subscribe twice for the same strategy and send both machine ids as advised in your email when you inform us.

After you register for the discount or offer, you will receive the code by email separately. We send emails regularly. Please make sure to add our offer/subscription email your email application white list, in case.

You will get step by step guide in the specific indicator/ strategy details page. For list of all the Free Indicators, click here; for all Premium indicators, click here and for all strategies, click here. If you need further support, please visit our support portal by clicking here.

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