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Can I cancel subscription within my free trial period?

Yes, you can. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. If you cancel subscription within your free trial period, you will not pay anything.

Can I use your indicators or strategies in multiple computers?

No, if you need to use them in multiple computers – let us know at support@rizecap.com with subject matter as multiple license enquiry. We will help you to get you one asap.

What if I have canceled the subscription by mistake?

Nothing to worry about. Just let us know through Contact Us page and we will guide you.

How will I get my discount or offer code?

After you register for the discount or offer, you will receive the code by email separately.

How do I upgrade my account?

If you want to upgrade your account, just let us know from Contact Us page and we will upgrade it within 24 working hours.

Where can I find tutorial or guide on how to use indicator/ strategy?

You will get step by step guide in the specific indicator/ strategy details page and still if you need further support, please email us at support@rizecap.com.