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HA Scalping Strategy

This is a fully automated strategy develpoped for NinjaTrader 8. This strategy works with any instrument and any financial market. It is developed based on Heikin-Ashi bar chart. You can use it on any time frame chart, but Daily time frame chart is the most effective historically. It is mainly enters and exits the market based on change of colour of the bars; as Heikin-Ashi bar charts are really interesting to trade on in terms of it’s bar colur change. When you watch the tutorial video, you should be able to learn more how to effectively use this strategy for lower time frame charts and restrict your trading sessions with Trading time ranges. One of the other amazing features of this automated strategy is, if you close the chart or platform for any reason, when you restart the platform and open chart with this strategy keeping the same settings on, it will resume as if there was no gap between these two events. You just need to find the right settings and combination for your trading style to capture the best odds. Why don’t you watch the video tutorial and try this strategy for FREE for first 30 days and test it yourself. 

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HA Scalping STRATEGY - Automated sTRATEGY
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Yes, you can. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. If you cancel subscription within your free trial period, you will not pay anything.

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No, if you need to use them in multiple computers – let us know at support@rizecap.com with subject matter as multiple license enquiry. We will help you to get you one asap.

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Nothing to worry about. Just let us know through Contact Us page and we will guide you.

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You will get step by step guide in the specific indicator/ strategy details page and still if you need further support, please email us at support@rizecap.com.

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