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Most frequent questions and answers

Trading indicators and trading strategies softwares in this website help traders and investors with technical analysis for electronic form of trading in financial markets. These softwares are developed by trader/ traders who have prior knowledge about electronic trading. Unless mentioned separately, these indicators and strategy softwares can be used universally with any time frame with different types of trading styles (specific trading platform may be necessary).

Please check the individual indicator / strategy detail page. You can find the tutorial / instruction on how to install.

Please go to the ‘RESOURCES’ page, you can get the instruction on how to get free NinjaTrader platform and free Kinetic end of day data.

We are open during usual business hour everyday. We are not open during any bank holidays and other nationally declared holidays. You can contact us through our contact us page anytime you want and we will responde within 24 working hours. 

Most of the cases, we offer free trial period. We also check and try all our products / services before we publish. However, if there is any technical problem arise for any unforeseen reason, please contact us from our contact us page and we will responde to your technical problem within 24 working hours. If you purchased the item, we will provide technical support for 30 days from the day of purchase for free. For any subscribed product, we will continue providing technical support as long as you have the subscription for the product /service.

Please do feel free to log a complaint from our contact us page and select complaint when you process it. You will receive a response from us within 24 working hours.

Please get in touch with us through our contact us page or email to support@rizecap.com

Please open your NinjaTrader platform. Go to the control centre window -> Help -> About. In about window, you can find machine ID. You just need to highlight it to copy and paste it, if needed.

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