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Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator

Trading indicators are tools designed to help you with your trading decisions. They are useful in areas such as day trading, swing trading, and long-term position trading as well though this may not be the case for every indicator. Most of these indicators have free versions that are designed to allow traders to try them out without paying prior to subscribing to a premium version if they are satisfied with the functionalities of the FREE version.

Note that these FREE indicators usually have limited functionalities when compared to paid versions. Some do not work on every platform. However, they still have enough features to make them valuable assets for day, swing, and other traders. One such FREE indicator is the Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator by Rize Capital. 

What is a Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator

Daily Deviation Counter is a FREE for Lifetime NinjaTrader 8 custom programmed Indicator developed by UK-based Rize Capital to help both day traders and swing traders take correct decisions. It helps traders determine how far the market has deviated from its daily average and is capable of plotting the average range for a user-selected period as well as plotting today’s live or real-time market range, amongst other uses.

As noted above, the main intention behind FREE Indicators is for traders to try them out before subscribing to more elaborate premium versions.

Features/Benefits of the Rize Capital Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator

  • FREE for a lifetime
  • Saves you money monthly (since it is FREE)
  • Access to future updates
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Compatible with any instrument in any market and any time frames
  • The range for the user-defined period and today’s range is plotted on the chart for easy reading
  • If you are a day trader, this indicator will enable you to compare today’s real-time market range and volatility with the previous user-defined period’s average range.
  • If the range for today crosses the average range for your defined period and if the market is currently at the top, then it might be an opportunity to go short. However, if the market is at the bottom, you should consider going long.
  • Probability-wise, the Daily Deviation Counter FREE Indicator will also provide an incomparable trading edge or advantage.
  • If you are into swing or long-term position trading, this Rize Capital tool will enable you to measure both market volatility and current market rise for optimal decision making.
  • You can use this indicator in combination with other indicators to take correct trading decisions.
  • This FREE indicator will provide you insight into the extent to which the market has deviated from its daily average. This information is very helpful when you are especially day-trading
  • You can unsubscribe at any time without any obligation.

How to Download the Daily Deviation Counter FREE Indicator

To download and use the Rize Capital Daily Deviation Counter FREE Indicator, you need to first register for a free account on the company’s website. This will provide you login access to the website from where you can proceed to download.

For registration, you’ll be asked to provide your First name, Last name, and email address as shown in the diagram below.

Downloading the Daily Deviation Counter – FREE indicator is not the only benefit that comes from having a Rize Capital free account. A free account will also enable you to:

  • Access other FREE indicators by Rize Capital
  • Understand how things work before opting for a paid subscription
  • Receive Rize Capital offers from time to time through email
  • Enjoy free bonuses
  • Upgrade whenever you feel like. 

Upon registration, you are now eligible for the 24/7 technical support and regular update features of your product. To enjoy the Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator and other goodies offered by Rize Capital. Visit the company’s website today and subscribe for membership! Registration is easy and will take only a few minutes or even seconds.

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Other FREE indicators by Rize Capital

Whether it is day trading, swing trading, or long-term position trading, the Daily Deviation FREE indicator, is not the only indicator provided by Rize Capital. Some other Rize Capital FREE indicators include:


The Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator is one of the several FREE indicators offered by Rize Capital. It is available for day, swing, and long-term position traders and serves a variety of purposes. For instance, it will help the day trader see how far the market has deviated for the day in ticks. If it’s extended too high, probably you want to be mindful before you buy. Because the market is already stretched too high, it may be wiser to sell with less risk with more odds in your favour. An opposite scenario plays out for a market on a low. It will help you to find sweet spots for placing trades for the day – all these for FREE!

If you are a swing trader or long-term position trader Rize Capital has a paid version Current Deviation of the Daily Deviation Counter – FREE Indicator which shows you weekly and monthly deviations. There’s also a section which provides comparison of related information.   

You can download this indicator and lean more about it from this  link:

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